Kazem Akhavan and his day


Peace upon Kazem and all the journalists, for their hard work and patience.

It is probably some day, month or year means more than the rest. But for all the journalists 17th of Mordad is a special day, and if Kazem was among us it would have been the same.

At this day we think of you that 25 years ago you went to Lebanon to record the crimes of Israel against the oppressed people of Palestine and Lebanon.

The Israeli’s mercenaries abducted you and since then your fate has been obscure.

We think of you for your patience in the last 25 years, all the agony you have been through. But you are well aware that the life of a journalist is not a normal life. It is a life full of responsibilities facing all kind of hardship. You showed well whether during the holy defense of the country against Iraq or your voluntary departure to Lebanon invaded by the Zionist regime, that you are a man of action and not scared, and present at the front line with your pen and camera.

The day of journalist should be a symbol of men like you, which are aware of their responsibility and a holy day.

Kazem we still are waiting for you with all the pain we went through for the last 25 years.

It has been a quarter of century that you are in Zionist prisons and last Media day with the new invasion of Lebanon by Israel we had new remembrance and stress. Fortunately the army that was invincible was defeated after 33 days, and Hez-Allah victorious.

I wonder why your family name is Akhavan, which means brotherhood! May be to see how much your colleagues cared for you! I want to go and see them all and asked them for the last time to look for your fate. Take a picture with your photo, going around and tell people this is the picture of a journalist that was abducted 25 years ago, and no news since.

May be some of the new journalist are does not know you but the old timers know you well. I am sure your fate is important for them, although not much has been done.  They did not keep quiet and they did what they could do. We did not expect miracle from them and I know they were all concerned and shared the pain with you.

To be fair we are short of what it was suppose to be done for you and the other three, which have been abducted with you. Your case has become like a puzzle that nobody can solve, and the families of the hostages still waiting for the return of their dear one’s.


Shahrok Soltan Ahmadi

Nephew of Kazem Akhavan

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